Open to all organisations with no more than 50 employees, this award will recognise the small business that has maintained consistent growth and strong financial performance, understands its customers and has full buy in from staff.

The judges would like to know more about the “personality” of the business and the unique selling points which make it a success.


All submissions must be 500 words or less

  • Why should your business win Small Business of the Year?
  • Outline the development and growth of your business from its date of establishment.
  • Provide information relating to the following:
    • 1. Its products/services
    • 2. Your markets/customers
    • 3. The competition
    • 4. The organisation/personnel
  • Give details on the growth, turnover and profit of your business.
  • Outline your share in the market, new market developments and any export achievements
  • What new products/services are you developing?  Particular Achievements over the last 12 months