The ‘Made in Britain’ stamp has always been a mark of quality and this award seeks to recognise the South West businesses that are making things. The type of business and items produced do not matter. What is important is innovation, design, quality, efficiency, sales flair – and all the other skills needed to be a manufacturing winner. Judges will be looking for examples of how the business has adapted to the changing marketplace and its strategy for the future.


All submissions must be 500 words or less

  • Why should your business win Manufacturer of the Year?
  • Outline the development and growth of your business from its date of establishment.
  • Provide information relating to the following:
    • Products
    • Markets/customers
    • Competitors
    • Organisation
  • Give details on the growth, turnover and profit of your business.
  • Outline your share in the market, new market developments and any export achievements.
  • What new products are you developing?
  • What are your new production methods?
  • Explain your research and development of these new areas.
  • Give details on your success measurement/s for the following:
    • Management and leadership
    • Marketing
    • Quality standards
    • Employees
  • Financial, stock and production controls Particular achievements over the last 12 months