This will go to a business, established by a family and still run by members, and operating for at least five years. Businesses should demonstrate best practice in aspects such as working with non-family members, developing younger family members/future leaders, and implementing successful generation transitions.


All submissions must be 500 words or less

  • Why should your business be the winner of Family Business of the Year?
  • Briefly outline how the development and growth of your business from the start and any factors that prompted his launch. Please provide the date that the business was established.
  • Please provide an outline of each of the following aspects of your business background:
    • 1. Its products/services
    • 2. Your markets/customers
    • 3. The competition
    • 4. The organisation/personnel
  • Provide as much information regarding the growth, turnover and profit.
  • Please provide details regarding your current share in the market and your performance compared to your competitors in this market. Please include any details relating to achievements in export as well as the development within ‘new’ markets.
  • Please give details of new product/service developments, new production methods and any research or development procedures planned for.
  • Please outline how the business measures successes in the following areas:
    • 1. Management, leadership and working with non-family members
    • 2. The development of young family members and future leaders
    • 3. Implementing successful generational transitions