This award will be made to the company that demonstrates a commitment to continuously improving its standards of customer service. The judges will expect to see a clear, well-implemented customer care policy and examples of service exceeding customer expectations. They will also wish to hear how customer care initiatives contribute to the overall success of the business.


All submissions must be 500 words or less

  • Why should your business win the Customer Service Award?
  • Outline the development and growth of your business briefly detailing its products/services, its markets/customers and competitors.
  • Provide a full description of the customer service policy introduced and the aims and objectives for its introduction.
  • How does your customer care and service initiative differ from that of your competitors?
  • Describe the contrast of the situations before and after the introduction of this policy
  • How do your policies exceed customers’ expectations?
  • Give examples of where you have given excellent customer service
  • Give testimonials from customers