Independent Business

This category aims to recognise and celebrate excellence by an independent business. This
award is open independent businesses. This category aims to recognise and celebrate the
excellence that comes from passion of running an independent business.
You must evidence your ability to go above and beyond usual day-to- day business.

Entry Criteria

The judging panel will consider the following criteria in assessing your application it does not
need to demonstrate all these elements, but will allow you develop the story behind your
success, they will be looking for examples of how the business has adapted to the changing
marketplace and its strategy for the future.

  • Involvement within your local community
  • Environmental awareness
  • Examples of success
  • Longevity of business
  • Adaptability to change.
  • Please provide evidence of your marking activity

In no more than 500 words, please provide a brief description of your business, and
evidence as much as possible to the key points looked for by the judging panel.