Excellence in Customer Service

This award goes to a company that demonstrates a commitment to continually improving its
customer service. Judges will be looking for a clear and well implemented customer care
policy and examples of service exceeding customers’ expectations.
This award is open to any organization, irrespective of size, that has placed the customer at
the center of its operations and strategies. Candidates will need to display a well
communicated customer strategy and evidence of employee engagement in executing the
strategy. Evidence will be required of the extent to which the customer shapes the business
and how this has improved overall results. Entries will be accepted from:

  • Start-ups.
  • SMEs and larger/international companies.
  • Private and Public Sector.
  • Community organizations.
  • Any industry sector.

Entry Criteria
The judging panel will consider the criteria below in assessing your application. It does not
need to demonstrate all these elements, but it will allow you to develop the story behind
your success. Please tell us about the ways in which your business has excelled in the area of
customer service. What were your objectives? What were the results (please give specific,
data based evidence)?
Please quantify these as far as possible with your most recent results. What benchmarks
are you comparing them to demonstrate your success?

  • Innovative gathering and/or use of customer insight.
  • New ideas that have improved satisfaction levels and the ways in which you have
    measured this.
  • Customer feedback strategies that have led to improved satisfaction and
  • Employee Engagement strategies that have led to improved performance and
    customer satisfaction.
  • Leadership and vision in the field of customer strategy, from senior management in
  • Improved customer satisfaction levels leading to repeat business/ increased
  • Provide evidence of your marketing activity
    In no more than 500 words, please provide a brief description of your business