This accolade will be awarded to a business that has been set up between 2015 and 2016. Judges will be interested in the ethos and background to the business, its profitability as well as what difference it has made in its sector since it started trading and how it has overcome any challenges it has encountered. They will also be looking at future projections and plans for the company.


All submissions must be 500 words or less

  • Why should your company be the winner of Start Up Business of the Year?
  • Briefly outline how the development and growth of your business from the start and any factors that prompted this launch.
  • Please provide the date that the business was established, or that control changed.
  • Please provide an outline of each of the following aspects of your business background:
    • 1: Its products/services
    • 2: Your markets/customers
    • 3: The competition
    • 4: The organisation/personnel
  • Outline any systems that are in place to monitor financial performance, how does this compare to your business plan? Provide as much information regarding the estimates growth, turnover and profit.
  • Please provide details regarding your current share in the market and your performance compared to your competitors in this market. How do your products/services compare to your competitors’ and how do you differentiate your company from those competitors?
  • What plans do you have for the business in both the long and the short term and how do you see the business developing?